Department of Home Science

Department of Home Science


Home Science is the science of a home and it includes all the things that concern the person, home, family members and resources, the study of which assist her to identify a girl’s talents, acquire and improve her skills and become an independent and productive citizen of the society. Home Science is an applied subject and it is an interdisciplinary field of studies comprising of Food & Nutrition, Clothing & Textile, Resource Management, Human Development and Extension Education and Communication.



To make the lessons of all subjects as interesting and close to real life situation as possible and to make the materials as activity based as possible. 


Future Prospects & Job Opportunities with B.Sc. Home Science


The Home Science offers tremendous amount of opportunities and provides a treasure of knowledge on various fields. You have very good scope with Home Science. You will get all the knowledge of domestic chores. This will help you to understand the home work and will help you get a good job. You can also start your own business.

The following measures have been taken by the department to improve students learning :

            i)          Maintenance of attendance

            ii)         Mentoring system

            iii)        Students feed back          

            iv)        Remedial classes

            v)         Counseling the students who are weak

            vi)        Teachers training for effective teaching

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