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B.Sc Computer Science


In present Digital Era, the field of Computer Science is growing exponentially with technologies and digital platforms that unlock a great career path for many students interested in software industries/ MNC’s. B.Sc. Computer Science is an excellent degree program as per the requirements of computer world.Our students acquire knowledge of principles and applications of computer programming with value added certifications and deals with computing methods, programming and database. In a three years degree, students gain invaluable knowledge of core subjects and languages of computer science such as operating system, number system, C, C++, Java, control structures, arrays and functions.


Why Amrit Group of Institution


Amrit Group of Insitution is best for B.Sc. computer science with computer’s labs and rich experienced faculty members. Department of computer science aims to take the students beyond computer abilities to Programming Frameworks and Networking to E-business, Internet Security and Enterprise Resource Planning.


Future Prospects & Job Opportunities with B.Sc. Computer Science


The aim of the program is to develop quality professionals to research fellows to serve in every dimension of computer world. It is a consistently growing field with a large variety of job opportunities both in India and abroad as well.

This degree can lead you to the profiles like computer scientist or an information systems manager or a networking specialist whose job is to draw the technological roadmap for the organisation, ensure efficient management of the available computer facilities, handle smooth functioning of the local area and wide area networking, implement cyber security systems, look after software and hardware system upgrading and manage system designing and technical analysis for the organisation.

Some Employment opportunities are available as:

  • Software engineer
  • Software developer
  • System admin
  • IT officer
  • Consultant
  • Cyber Security Manager
  • Computer Graphics
  • Technical Analyst
  • Programmer
  • Machine Learning Expert
  • Quality AnalysT
  • Graphic Designer


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